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Guernsey – Noble Beekeepers
Monday, March 1st Meeting

6:30 pm via Zoom

Topic: Swarm Prevention


Learn all about “SWARM PREVENTION”.  This is one of the most requested topics from the members of Guernsey Noble Beekeepers.

Our guest speaker is:             

                                                           STEVE ROTH – Tri-State Beekeepers


            Steve Roth, President of Tri-State Beekeepers and Treasurer of the West Virginia Beekeepers.   Steve is a very talented and experienced beekeeper from the Tri-State area. Please log on for an evening of education and entertainment of the bee world.

 All members should have received the email link for the zoom meeting. 


If you have not received the email link or a non member and would like to join our meeting, please contact me through my email (doncrock@yahoo.com.  If you are unfamiliar with zoom and would like some help or practice with the call ahead, we can set up a practice zoom.   Just call me  Don Crock, 740-581-1883

Board members
President, Don Crock                  740-581-1883
Vice President, Phil Dobeck         740-638-2489
Treasurer, Marge Seaton             740-432-6612
Secretary, Misty Wyscarver         740-581-0740
Trustee, George Reynolds           740-872-3865
Trustee, James Coyle                 740 585-2556
Trustee, Mike Allen                     330-607-0889
Past President, Roger Seaton      740-432-6612

Guernsey Noble Beekeepers              

Beginner’s Beekeeping Class




Guernsey Noble Beekeepers has joined a pilot program with the Ohio State Beekeepers in providing a zoom beginner’s bee school.   The Pilot Program will include 10 clubs throughout Ohio who will be teaching a portion of the beginner’s beekeeping program on the first Saturday of each month starting on February 6, 2021 through November.  


Objective: The internship will break down each beekeeping skill on a month-by-month schedule as to what the beginner beekeeper should be doing in your apiary. To assist, we will present live/recorded videos to demonstrate step by step procedures.  All classes will be recorded and hosted on a private YouTube channel.  If a student would miss a live event, they would be able to view these recordings at any time.  There will also be a private Face Book group for class participants, showing all of the active Zoom links, YouTube recordings, and information through-out the year.  Not only will you learn the skills of beekeeping but will obtain mentoring through the Guernsey Noble Beekeepers.


Cost:     $20.00 for the entire education which includes a one-year membership in the Guernsey Noble beekeepers and a one-year membership in the Ohio State Beekeepers.


To enroll: please email Don Crock at doncrock@yahoo.com  of your interests.  Include your phone number and email. 













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