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                                                                                          Guernsey-Noble Beekeepers

                                                                     February 6th - 6:30 pm

                                                                                                     Mid-East Career Center

                                                                57090 Vocational Road

                                                               Senecaville, Ohio 43780


                    This month’s meeting will be our demonstration project on building equipment.

                    It’s a HOW TO put together the following:


                              Wooden frames with Plastic Foundations and/or Wax Foundations

                       Wooden boxes (deeps -mediums)

                       How to make Swarm Traps & how to make a 10-frame box to a 8-frame box.


                Come join us for an evening of fun and socialization.  There will be several of the experienced beekeepers

                 presenting and making it a great place to network.  Refreshments will be provided.   


                                                             Beginning Beekeepers Class

      Coming on March 11th- Beginning Beekeeping class at the OSU Noble County Extension Center.

      Sponsored by Guernsey Noble Beekeepers & OSU Extension Center.                                                                                                                                                                                                          


      Objective:  Learn about the basics of beekeeping, and honey collection.  You will learn what equipment is needed, how to handle honeybees,

      creating a Healthy Hive, potential problems for our bee population and resources from our local bee club to assist you in getting started.



      Cost:     $35.00 which includes membership to the Guernsey Noble Beekeepers Association and one year membership in the Ohio State Beekeepers.


      To enroll: please email Don Crock at or Christine Gelley at of your interests. 

      Include phone number and email.  Or call Don at 740-581-1883 or OSU Extension 740-732-5681.




  Board Members
  President, Don Crock                  740-581-1883

  Vice President, Phil Dobeck         740-638-2489
  Treasurer, Marge Seaton             740-432-6612
  Secretary, Misty Wyscarver         740-581-0740
  Trustee, George Reynolds           740-872-3865
  Trustee, James Coyle                 740 585-2556
  Trustee, Mike Allen                     330-607-0889
  Past President, Roger Seaton      740-432-6612

  Honey Extractor Keeper - Jennifer Forster     740-260-4246

  Ohio State Beekeepers:



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