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                                                                                          Guernsey-Noble Beekeepers

                                                                     April 3rd - 6:30 pm

                                                                                                     Mid-East Career Center

                                                                57090 Vocational Road

                                                               Senecaville, Ohio 43780


         We will have a presentation on the “Life of the Queen”:   What does she control or

      not control in the hive?  Who is responsible for making the decisions?  You may be

      surprised! We are coming up on Swarm Season and what is the role of the Queen? 

      I will be giving you the data from a Scientist that placed markers on large samples of

     queens.   The answers to the above questions may not be what we always thought.


      How do we go about catching swarms?   Roger Seaton is going to bring his “Special Box”

      in which he places the swarm to take to his Apiary. He will give you his secrets. 

     Ben Nichols, Ohio Department of Agriculture Apiary Inspector, will likewise show you his

     secrets and explain his procedure.


      Come join us for an evening of education, socialization and beekeeping networking.

      Refreshments will be provided.










  Board Members
  President, Don Crock                  740-581-1883

  Vice President, Phil Dobeck         740-638-2489
  Treasurer, Marge Seaton             740-432-6612
  Secretary, Misty Wyscarver         740-581-0740
  Trustee, George Reynolds           740-872-3865
  Trustee, James Coyle                 740 585-2556
  Trustee, Mike Allen                     330-607-0889
  Past President, Roger Seaton      740-432-6612

  Honey Extractor Keeper - Jennifer Forster     740-260-4246

  Ohio State Beekeepers:



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