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Monday December 07th Meeting

6:30 pm via Zoom

We will have an exciting and informative bee club meeting on Monday December 7th, 2020 at 6:30.    Even if you don’t have a computer, you can participate by using your cell phone or you land line.  You will be able to hear everyone but will not be able to see the people on the call.  For anyone who has have not done a zoom call we can help you get started.  The following topics will be discussed.

  1. What are things we can do in December to help our bees get through the winter.

2.  Guest Speaker:  Brandi Young from Pataskala.  Brandi is a 2-year beekeeper who has experience more trials in beekeeping than           anyone that I have known.  She never gave up and successfully come through each challenge.  Brandi is full of energy and                   motivating to listen to.  Her topic “ The Emotional  Bee Keeper”.                                                                                                       1.   Purchased a package that had a virgin queen and during the installation, the queen flew off in the woods 

     2.   Within 5 weeks of purchasing the package, her bees swarmed.   

     3.   Replacement of a poor laying queen.

     4.   Treatment of colonies with a high percentage of mites

     5.   Hive with a laying worker.

     Brandi has over-come the new beekeeper challenges and become successful with 5 colonies. 

3.  Video on Oxalic Acid treatment.  

4.  Discussion from Brian, Phil and Don about our November 16th treatments.  Wow the number of dead mites on the bottom board.

5.  Questions/comments on winterizing your hive.

 All members should have received the email link for the zoom meeting.  If you have not received the email link or a non member and would like to join our meeting, please contact me through my email (doncrock@yahoo.com.  If you are unfamiliar with zoom and would like some help or practice with the call ahead, we can set up a practice zoom.   Just call me  Don Crock, 740-581-1883

Board members
President, Don Crock                  740-581-1883
Vice President, Phil Dobeck         740-638-2489
Treasurer, Marge Seaton             740-432-6612
Secretary, Misty Wyscarver         740-581-0740
Trustee, George Reynolds           740-872-3865
Trustee, James Coyle                 740 585-2556
Trustee, Mike Allen                     330-607-0889
Past President, Roger Seaton      740-432-6612




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