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                                                                    Guernsey-Noble Beekeepers

                                                                       March 4th - 6:30 pm

                                                                     Mid-East Career Center

                                                                     57090 Vocational Road

                                                                     Senecaville, Ohio 43780


                                                            Splits-Swarm Traps - Silent Auction


    The weather is warming up, days are getting longer, and the Queen Bee has started laying for the spring season. Monday night

    March 4th, at 6:30 will be a fully packed evening.  We will have a silent auction on bee equipment that one of our members have

    donated. This will continue through the evening.  We will also have a special season program tonight from two of our seasoned





    Ben Nichols, who is also the State Apiary Inspector for Noble County will discuss "how to make splits from existing hives."

    This is also a type of swarm prevention.

                                                                       Swarm Traps


    Mike Art, a specialist on his own with all kinds of experience, will demonstrate how to trap swarms with his homemade trap.


                                                                                   Silent Auction


      Some of the items that will be in the silent auctions are as follows:


     Four- 10 Frame Starter Hives (used) which will include:  bottom board, reducer, Top cover (lid), 1 deep box with frames, and 1 medium box with frames.


     1 Nuc Box with lid, inner cover and bottom board


     1 deep box with frames, 1 swarm trap, 1 smoker & 1 bee escape board

     5 deep boxes without frame


    If you have any equipment that you want to donate to the Silent Auction, bring it to the Guernsey Noble Beekeepers,

    Monday March 4, 2024.






  2024 Membership dues are $10.00 per household.

   Make dues payable to:                    Guernsey Noble Beekeepers

                                                            Marge Seaton, Treasurer

                                                            9488 Liberty Road

                                                            Cambridge, Ohio 43725















        Board members
        President, Don Crock                   740-581-1883
        Vice President, Phil Dobeck              740-638-2489
        Treasurer, Marge Seaton                  740-432-6612
        Secretary, Misty Wyscarver              740-581-0740
        Trustee, George Reynolds                740-872-3865

        Trustee, James Coyle                       740 585-2556
        Trustee, Mike Allen                          330-607-0889
        Past President, Roger Seaton           740-432-6612


      Honey Extractor Keeper - Jennifer Forster  740-260-4246



      Ohio State Beekeepers:



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