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                                                                      Guernsey-Noble Beekeepers

                                                                                Monday, October 2nd 2023 at 6:30 pm

                                                                                                    Honey Show

                                                                       Mid-East Career Center

                                                                       57090 Vocational Road

                                                                      Senecaville, Ohio 43780


        Come join us for Guernsey Noble Beekeeping meeting at the Mid-East Career Center (Buffalo Campus)  

        THIS IS OUR HONEY SHOW.   It is not a contest, but we are asking our members to bring a jar of their honey of

        various styles or other products from the hive.  I guess it’s more like a style show of honey! It is always nice to see

        how our fellow beekeeper bottles his/her honey. 


        Presentation by Morgan Otto on our new website and how to maneuver around the site. 


        Information on how to liquify crystalized honey.  


        Other comments or questions from club members. 


        Refreshments will be provided for your enjoyment afterwards. 

        Board members
      President, Don Crock                   740-581-1883
      Vice President, Phil Dobeck              740-638-2489
      Treasurer, Marge Seaton                  740-432-6612
      Secretary, Misty Wyscarver              740-581-0740
      Trustee, George Reynolds                740-872-3865

      Trustee, James Coyle                       740 585-2556
      Trustee, Mike Allen                          330-607-0889
      Past President, Roger Seaton           740-432-6612


      Honey Extractor Keeper - Jennifer Forster  740-260-4246



      Ohio State Beekeepers:



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