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Welcome to Guernsey Noble Beekeepers 

   Power Point Presentations from March 7th     Beginners Beekeeping Class

Places to order bees:    Sales are going fast.   So order now


The Bee Barn -405 Coffman Road, Marietta, Ohio  Packages are coming from South Carolina (April 16th).  $140 per package  740-516-0421


Bosler’s Bee Stuff

Jason Bosler 330-401-5889  or at S & S Bee Supply in Adamsville (740) 630-5609  

Normally he will have some Nucs for sale, but they may be taken by now.



Queen Right Colonies:  California Package Bees – 3 pound packages  starting at $180.00

43655 State Route 162, Spencer, Ohio (440) 647-2602


Simpson’s Bee Supply -  California Package Bees – 3 pound packages $144.00

15642 Tiger Valley Rd,  Danville, Ohio  740-599-7914   3rd Week of April


Combs Bee Farm – 937-537-1739

Email  or website:

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