Copy & Print application. Mail to  Guernsey Noble Beekeepers

                                                         M Seaton

                                                         9488 Liberty RD

                                                         CAMBRIDGE, OH. 43725

                    Guernsey Noble Beekeepers Membership Application

  $10.00 Active Membership for Individual or Family

  _________ Date  Dues  Paid  for year 201__

  Please provide us your up to date contact information

  _____ Check Here If you Do Not wish to share this information with other Club members


  Mailing Address_____________________________________

  City ____________________State_________ ZIP__________


  Email _____________________________________________

  Number of Years in Beekeeping?_________

  Are you willing to Mentor Other Beekeepers?_____________

  Do You Want to be added to the Swarm List? ____________

  Do You Want to be added to the Cutout List?_____________

  Are you an OSBA member?______

  What beekeeping subjects would like to see Guernsey Noble Beekeepers cover

  in our programs ? _______________________________________________________


 Examples Feeding Bees, Hive products, preparing bees for winter, Queens, Diseases /

 mite  Control, Swarms.

 Dues May be paid at one of our meetings or mailed to 

       Marge Seaton, Secretary

        9488 Liberty Road

       CAMBRIDGE, OH. 43725

Member Dues are due in January payable To Guernsey Noble Beekeepers and are good through December