Copy & Print application. Mail to  Guernsey Noble Beekeepers

                                                         M Seaton

                                                         9488 Liberty RD

                                                         CAMBRIDGE, OH. 43725

                    Guernsey Noble Beekeepers Membership Application

  $10.00 Active Membership for Individual or Family

  _________ Date  Dues  Paid  for year 201__

  Please provide us your up to date contact information

  _____ Check Here If you Do Not wish to share this information with other Club members


  Mailing Address_____________________________________

  City ____________________State_________ ZIP__________


  Email _____________________________________________

  Number of Years in Beekeeping?_________

  Are you willing to Mentor Other Beekeepers?_____________

  Do You Want to be added to the Swarm List? ____________

  Do You Want to be added to the Cutout List?_____________

  Are you an OSBA member?______

  What beekeeping subjects would like to see Guernsey Noble Beekeepers cover

  in our programs ? _______________________________________________________


 Examples Feeding Bees, Hive products, preparing bees for winter, Queens, Diseases /

 mite  Control, Swarms.

 Dues May be paid at one of our meetings or mailed to 

       Guernsey Noble Beekeepers

       P O Box  1454

       CAMBRIDGE, OH. 43725

Member Dues are due in January payable To Guernsey Noble Beekeepers and are good through December

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