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Keep up here with Guernsey Noble Beekeepers Club Events

                    Guernsey Noble Beekeepers Monthly Meetings

  January 8th - Winter Beekeeping - What are your bees doing in January.

  February 5th - Demonstration and Explanation of Horizontal hives

  March 4th - Spring Splits - Catching Swarms - Silent Auction of equipment.

  April 1st - Seeds and Plants for pollinators.  Presenter Christine Gelley

  May 6th - Labelling Laws and Marketing Honey

  June 3rd - Honey Extraction Demonstration

  July 13th - Picnic at the Seaton's

  August 5th - Topic on Varroa Treatment and Demonstration.

  September 3rd - Club Cook-out and State Inspectors report.

  October7th - Honey Show and topic on boosting your hives for winter.

  November 4th - Topic winterizing your hives and demonstration on making 

                   Sugar Bricks.

  December 9th -   Banquet at Theo's Restaurant.


  Meetings will be held at 6:30 at Mid-East Career Center - Buffalo Campus

  June thru September at Guernsey County Sportsman for Conservation


Ohio State beekeepers



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